Our Services

It’s all we do and we do it every day. We’re experts in making your job easier so you can concentrate on other aspects of business.

It is in our nature to take a consultative approach to working with you because that’s the easiest way to ensure you’re receiving the best possible service.

Our flexible staffing options can be customized to suit your needs.

Staff Augmentation

We evaluate your current staff and help you discover the skills your team needs. When you partner with SGA, we provide the most qualified and best equipped talent to supplement your current workforce.

Full-time Staffing

Looking for talent to make a lasting impact on your company now and for years to come? SGA has a tried-and-true process for hiring the right talent for your business. We want you to grow and partner with you to help you achieve that growth.

Project Based Staffing

Often you need talent for a limited time to complete a project. We can customize a project plan and provide qualified and reliable staff to complete it. Every company is different, so we tailor our plans for each client and each project.

Managed Services

Want to outsource some function of your business? SGA makes it easy. We can manage the budget, hire personnel, provide equipment, and deliver the results you expect on the schedule you need. When appropriate, we partner with leading offshore partners to provide top-notch service for a competitive price.

Offshore Capabilities

We partner with leading offshore partners to provide top-notch outsourcing. We make outsourcing as easy as possible for our clients. We manage all communications, and are available whenever you needs us. Your project gets delivered quickly and cost effectively.

Facilities Space

Space management can be just as important as staff management. We can provide you with supplementary space to house your resources and ensure your business keeps running smoothly.


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