Case Study: Professional Services

Project teams transform your digital landscape


Our client is a real-time building management automation company that uses a cloud-based network of Internet of Things. The client decided to upgrade their system by adding a mobile app and productizing their core application, rather than changing the source code when customization was needed for different clients. This project was beyond the capacity of the existing development team. The client needed strictly agile methods, as well as experience and skills in shipping products with native cloud and mobile technology.


SGA entered with an agile project team. Our team:

  • Planned the architecture with the client
  • Recommended and configured key components, including the on-demand cloud computing platform as well as multilevel cloud authentication and authorization
  • Implemented tools and procedures for continuous integration and deployment

We designed a native mobile app for iOS and Android, with a self-explanatory user experience to navigate from buildings to devices, visualizing the data in a user-friendly way and offering easy remote control of the wireless devices. Our backend team built the necessary microservices and enhanced data communication on the device level. To support planned functionality and speed, a new and comprehensive data model was necessary. It was built in cooperation with the client’s IT, and all data was migrated into it.

We created automation immediately after the exploratory testing, eventually automating testing of all product functions. We also implemented unit, integration, application programming interface, functional, code quality, regression, sanity and release acceptance tests. Test cases were created to be repeatable for both the project and for the client’s quality assurance team to use on other projects.

At the start, we established detailed collaboration and communication management plans with the client. With go-live, we started report cycles, agile sprints, knowledge review and regular management meetings.


The SGA-developed, native mobile app provided the client with a user friendly and effective solution for data visualization and Internet of Things device control. The client’s IT team gained new knowledge and skills from SGA. They fully adopted our quality assurance method and migrated over 350 existing test cases to the quality assurance tools and processes we recommended.