Case Study: Direct Placement

Experts find experts to deliver next-level tech


SGA’s client was implementing a new version of its mission critical software. The talent needed for the project was so niche, it couldn’t be sourced by the internal team. The client needed a high volume of top-notch, core engineers — quickly — to stay on target with a highly publicized launch. Because we’d already established a bond through serving as the client’s contingent staffing supplier, they knew we could tackle their high-stakes direct hire needs.


Due to our technical subject matter expertise, we were directly engaged by the client to help build a team of permanent employees. We enlisted our expert IT recruiter, who was already responsible for sourcing and screening technical consultants for the client, to become the dedicated direct hire recruiter for these next-level skills.

With close knowledge of the client’s requirements, we quickly began an in-depth sourcing campaign. We knew it would be impossible to find these experts through traditional channels. Instead, we launched a 100 percent passive candidate sourcing effort. Key components included:

  • Co-branding, building on the client’s reputation and the importance of the project to the marketplace
  • A deeper interview process — including two online technical screens, two phone screens and an onsite interview for each candidate
  • Daily touchpoints with the client — enabling timely and informed decisions about who to consider and how to move candidates through the process quickly

A trusted partner to the client, our direct hire recruiter performed all sourcing, interviewing, scheduling and onboarding.


The client decreased the time to hire the talent needed, while succeeding in tapping into a niche market through outsourcing this human resource function. Passive candidates aren’t as motivated to apply and often don’t have an updated resume standing by. But within 45 days, the first hire was made, and subsequent candidates were brought onboard much faster even with a lengthy interview process.

We staffed 80 percent of the team with roles ranging from senior to principal level. One of our candidates has become part of the client’s interview panel for future hires.