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As one of the best staffing and recruiting agencies in Boston, MA, SGA understands the local market, enabling you to navigate your job search with ease. Our team of staffing and recruiting professionals is dedicated to your success. We cater to a diverse range of job types, including remote and in-person, temporary, or full-time roles.

At SGA, we provide curated solutions for job seekers. This approach allows us to connect you with professional opportunities that best align with your short- and long-term goals. Finding your ideal job opportunity in The Cradle of Liberty doesn’t have to be challenging. Let us guide you every step of the way.

Find a Job in Your Area of Expertise

As one of the premier Boston staffing agencies, we assist job seekers in securing a diverse array of positions — short-term contracts, long-term contracts, and permanent placements. We excel in various industries, providing specialized support where it matters most. SGA prides itself on helping qualified candidates fill all types of professional positions. That said, there are certain areas where we particularly excel

Succeed With Our Full Suite of Resource Solutions

Whereas other Boston resource solutions agencies may focus on only staffing and recruiting services, SGA provides a full suite of solutions to meet your unique needs. From helping you fill immediate vacancies for short-term projects to outsourcing a project, SGA has you covered. Our offerings include:

Contingent Staffing

We deliver quality contract workers quickly to boost your internal teams.

Direct Hire

Permanent placements from entry-level to executive. We help you find the right fit for the long-term.

Professional Services

Engage SGA to build you a solution, deliver a product, or complete a specific project or set of tasks.

Managed Services

Keep IT operations running smoothly with ongoing maintenance and support.


Helping Recent Grads From Around Massachusetts

As a leading staffing and employment agency in Boston, we’re proud to assist college graduates from Boston and surrounding areas in Massachusetts. Whether you’re seeking your first job or exploring opportunities at SGA, we’re passionate about supporting graduates from institutions like Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Boston University, and many other esteemed colleges in the area.

Hire Someone in Boston, MA

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