SGA Provides Payrolling Services for $12+ B Utilities Client

SGA’s Payrolling Solutions Added Various Benefits to The Client’s Environment, Allowing Business Operations to Continue Without the Burden of Added Risks or Project Interruption.

The Advantages of Payrolling

Payrolling is thought of as an administrative function but there are aspects to payrolling that are tremendously beneficial and frequently overlooked. When payroll is performed for the contingent workforce, the company processing the payroll acts as the Employee of Record for the consultant. By utilizing a 3rd party such as SGA, the client is able to protect their company from various liabilities and responsibilities such as collection of payroll taxes and payment of employer taxes like workers compensation. Additionally, the employer of record must provide benefits to consultants as well, such as Medical, Dental and 401k plans, and they must be able to provide general liability insurance. Some companies may be utilizing multiple agencies, so every month they are collecting time sheets from dozens of contingent workers and agencies, having to invoice them all separately. To further complicate things, each state has its own employment laws. A company that provides Payrolling Services will handle all of this work for you, and eliminate the risks associated it.

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Our Client’s Problem

SGA prides ourselves on being an IT Solutions company, however we are also a trusted partner of our clients, which means that we listen to their problems and find ways to develop the best solutions. As SGA's client was going through vendor realignment, which is not uncommon in the industry, a problem was realized – what would be done with active consultants currently working for vendors that will be eliminated? Absorbing all of the contractors would leave The Client open to various risks and costs related to temporary employee payrolling, and drastically stress their workforce with an influx of invoice and payment related work.

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The Solution

SGA's Payrolling Services was chosen as the solution to The Client's problem. Thus, SGA became the employee of record for the consultants of eliminated vendors. This included capturing and documenting all needed candidate personal information, re-conducting due-diligence, collection of invoice doucuments, payment remission and all major processes needed to comply with both The Client's, and legal requirements. SGA took care of activities such as taxes, benefits, administrative work and staying on top of employment policy changes. As an added benefit of the payrolling solution, SGA frequently checked in with consultants to ensure their job satisfaction, and made sure all was done to facilitate a healthy engagement.

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Benefits Received

Overall, SGA's Payroll Solution has achieved significant success for The Client, as their business objectives were not disrupted and projects continued to progress in a healthy manner. The Client was able to retain the same staff as before the transition, which was a major requirement of the solution. SGA also shielded The Client from various risks and responsibilities serving as the employer of record for these consultants. With SGA's Payrolling Services, the client was able to absorb cost savings as SGA's solution was able to beat the competition in terms of pricing, and SGA ensured a sound workforce by constantly remaining in contact with the workforce.

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