SGA Delivers Managed Services to $8+ B Automaker

To Modernize, Secure, and Support the Legacy Environment, SGA Delivered Managed Services to The Client, Working on Mission-Critical Applications Used By Up To 2,500 Users Per Day.

SGA's Delivery of Managed Services

Started in 2014, SGA provided Managed Services to this $8+ B Automaker. The teams included over 15 SGA consultants, both on and off-shore, which allowed continuous development, maintenance, and enhancements over a 24 hour period. SGA held monthly status meetings concerning the team’s performance, the status of the service and the overall health of The Client's environment. SGA's team stood alone in providing services for this suite of 9 applications which were mission-critical for business and could not experience any downtime. Therefore, SGA was heavily relied on by up to 2,500 business users as they utilized these organizational tools to complete their daily activities.

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The Client’s Problem

The Client had a suite of applications that was used heavily by internal users, however most of these applications were developed a decade ago and required extensive maintenance and upkeep. In addition, SGA's client had been looking to replace and decommission some of these applications, as a new solution would provide improved functionality for users and may increase efficiency. The Client's IT team had spent too much time on the upkeep of these applications, even as new business objectives required their time for different initiatives. That said, not having an internal team that could devote their time solely to this heavily-used suite of applications was a problem.

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The Solution

SGA's Managed Services was selected for the solution to this problem. After gathering the requirements from The Client, SGA assigned their technical team to work on these applications. While delivering the services, SGA's team addressed numerous issues that required code-fixes and other software modifications. In addition to the maintenance and support, SGA is proud to say that its team was able to successfully develop new applications that enabled the decommissioning of legacy ones, and was trusted to eliminate vulnerabilities in the source code of legacy applications, enabling the client to meet their new global elevated level of security. Since the development of the new framework, SGA’s project has successfully met the milestones of this major undertaking by fixing over 30,000 code issues in this set of legacy applications.

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To date there have been many clear benefits from SGA's Managed Services to The Client. The Managed Services enhanced the environment for business groups, which allowed them to operate seamlessly, more efficiently, and utilize newly developed tools to accomplish critical activities. The experience, skills and high quality of the teams SGA provided helped The Client’s Department Manager be confident about operation of this business-critical set of systems. In addition, the Managed Services saved time and money for The Client, as SGA handled all of the legacy application work which allowed for the internal IT team to work in parallel on new business objectives. Finally, with the upgrades in code security, the SGA team was able to improve The Client's overall compliance standing against internal benchmarks. Overall, the Managed Service offered by SGA has been an overwhelming success to The Client.

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