Facilities Space & Contingent Staffing for an Asset Management Firm with $20+ B AUM

SGA Proposes and Delivers a Complex Facilities Management Plan, Coupled with Contingent Staffing, for a Prestigious Asset Management Firm in NYC

What is a Clean Room?

In some organizations, a Clean Room policy is a requirement for their facility, and of the utmost importance. In itself, this type of policy allows the organization to set up a controlled environment, typically due to the nature of the information being communicated or worked with. In a Clean Room, data transmission, duplication and manipulation is monitored, or even disabled, in addition to the monitoring and storing of employee actions through key-cards and cameras. In essence, the Clean Room policy goes great lengths to protect sensitive information from risks, from both external and internal sources.

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Our Client’s Problem

SGA’s client is located in a popular, high-rent area of New York City. After years of growth, it became apparent that the current office space would no longer be able to adequately serve their needs. Unfortunately, given the surrounding area, relocation to a larger space seemed like an unreasonably expensive and time consuming option. Additionally, any new resources could not work from home given the facilities requirements, and all were local to the area. Given the situation, SGA proposed a solution where we would provide a facility to house The Client’s contractors until a renovation of their office space could be completed. After careful consideration, The Client accepted the solution and gave SGA permission to initiate the project.

Project Assessments

The Solution

After gaining acceptance on the proposal, SGA worked tirelessly to allocate the space, and successfully adhere to all facilities requirements gathered from The Client - including a rigorous Clean Room Policy. Within the short span of eight weeks SGA acquired an office-space, worked with Technology Partners to configure all needed equipment and successfully implemented this policy. At the end of the eight week period, official occupancy of the facility began with The Client’s workforce. In addition to the management and oversight of this facilities space, SGA successfully filled consulting positions as needed by The Client. With our flexibility, SGA demonstrated the ability to provide solutions that far exceed the experience our competitors can provide.

Payroll Services

Benefits Received

SGA’s solution has been highly lauded by the client, including Sr. Management, who attests to the success. “We needed to ramp up quickly on multiple simultaneous projects, and had neither the skilled staff in house nor the secure facility with enough desks to hold them productively. SGA was out in front of the pack of our outsourcing vendors in terms of both speed of on-boarding and quality". Secondly, The Client was impressed with SGA's ability to facilitate the needed Clean Room Policy, which is a mission-critical need in their environment. Overall, SGA’s solution saved the client money and time that would have been lost moving to a new facility. In addition, work efficiency was maintained, and in some areas, enhanced, as SGA’s relationship with The Client was further strengthened.

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