Our Focus

Our approach is anything but ubiquitous and because of this we staff a vast array of industries. We develop custom solutions for every client and take pride in making innovative decisions for companies across the U.S.

While we consistently provide IT solutions for the following four industries, we are more than equipped to solve workforce issues within any industry. Contact us today to see what we can do for your organization.


SGA financial industry

Financial Industry

Software Guidance & Assistance, Inc. (SGA), based 27 miles north of Wall Street, maintains over thirty years of industry experience designing, building and supporting cutting edge front, middle, and back office financial applications. SGA's impressive client roster includes financial America's most prestigious players and our network of industry contacts is unparalleled.

SGA energy and utilities

Energy and Utilities

SGA provides cost effective subject matter expertise to energy and utility companies to help clients maintain a competitive edge in this challenging field. SGA resources contribute to an array of tech solutions for companies of any size or structure.

SGA healthcare


SGA's Healthcare clients demand industry savvy partners. SGA maintains an extensive database and has personal relationships with the talent who have demonstrated the superior skills required for EMR/EHR implementation. Our vast network and membership in various healthcare industry organizations keeps us abreast of changes and ahead of the curve in locating the passive and in demand profiles.

SGA insurance


SGA's industry sector clients are now subject to regulatory demands including Health Insurance Portability and the Accountability Act (HIPAA) which increases the demand for experts to update system functionality. As companies merge, experience with systems integration is in demand.